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The idea may exist at the stage of the project's conception – it does not matter.

A professional team will help to transform an idea into a product, turn a sketch into a functional prototype and perform scientific and practical research with a guarantee of results and further implementation. Laboratory represents a consortium of respected large enterprises with different fields of activity and focus.

CROCUS is also able to launch mass production and release of products, help with scaling and creating sales channels.

One of the company’s key guidelines is the current course of the economy on import substitution. In this situation, it is a starting point for development, which has great potential for increasing the volume of national production.
The company owns technologies, patents and ideas with which it is possible to obtain clean energy under the influence of various sources: these can be both wind flows and vibrations, as well as unusual effects in the broad sense for energy extraction.

When all components work together, there is the potential to create and use an autonomous generator operating under any existing conditions.
In 1880, brothers Pierre and Jacques Curie discovered the piezoelectric effect, the essence of which is the appearance of electric charges.
This discovery formed the basis for the action of piezoceramic elements: with their help, depending on the application of the direct or reverse piezoelectric effect, it becomes possible to transform mechanical action into an electrical potential or reverse transformation. Examples are push- and shock-type spark igniters used in various kinds of lighters and ignition systems, as well as solid-state batteries based on multilayer piezoceramics used in modern electronic circuits.

We provide services for the production of piezoceramics of the largest enterprise in the CIS with its own staff of developers and testing base.
Piezoceramic actuators of batch type
Stepper linear piezo motors
Piezoceramic tubes
Cylindrical batch type actuators
Piezoceramic spheres
Piezo - butterfly (exotic, but still beautiful)
Piezoelectric elements have a wide range of use. One of the most relevant and popular areas today is medical equipment.

CROCUS is ready to offer innovative devices based on the piezoelectric effect, namely:
Cold Plasma Generator
The device creates a cold plasma with a temperature of up to 50 C with a maximum power consumption of 30 watts.

Due to the density of the energy created inside, it makes possible to sterilize or significantly reduce the number of bacteria on various surfaces (glass, plastics and metals, etc.), as well as increase adhesion, which can be effectively used in microbiology, medicine, microfluidics and in the food industry.
Ultrasonic drill (piezoscaller)
The device provides more effective and comfortable removal of dental plaque/ tartar for the patient compared to traditional manual scaling.

The principle of operation of the piezoscaller is to use precise vibrations in one plane to ensure that the tissues of the patient's mucous membrane are not damaged.
Our planet exists in a “green” time, when natural resources are under a lot of scrutiny and need to be preserved and carefully handled. With the technologies available to the company, there is a resource to manufacture devices, where a variety of plants will grow and develop autonomously - this applies to flowers, fruit-bearing bushes and trees.
The key feature of this product is a complete recreation of daylight, from dawn to dusk: the sprout does not feel the difference between artificial or natural lighting. Taking into account the parameters of humidity and temperature, we completely recreate the habitat.
If you want to grow flowers or herbs for your diet, it will not be difficult to integrate a growbox into the interior of any apartment/ house or, conversely, to equip a large-scale multi-level production of plant crops, located even far from lighting sources and not tied to weather conditions.
Compact hydroponic module for growing various plants at home.
the corpus with a hidden design does not stand out among the surrounding environment in any way. Stealth models are chosen by those who do not want to disrupt the design of the room with heavy cabinets in the middle of the room.
Stealth growbox
The object is featured with the multi-tiered placement of cultivated plants, which ensures maximum efficiency of the space usage.
Multi - level greenhouses
CROCUS offers its customers the development and manufacture of vending machines to solve any business problems.

We can realize almost any wishes in the shortest possible time.

The design, appearance and price of a vending machine depend on a number of parameters: the type of goods, the degree of fragility, the range of simultaneously sold types of goods, the type of packaging of the goods, its shape and size (or size range) and weight for each type of goods, the desired amount of loading of each type of goods, the temperature regime of storage of goods, operating conditions (room, street), etc.
Significantly simplifies the growing process
Stylish design and ergonomic shapes
Economical energy consumption
Any production can not be completed without machines: this element is a fundamental detail of a properly functioning enterprise, but not everything is as simple as it seems. It often happens that it is necessary to make a special piece device that will work point-by-point and perform one strictly defined function. No less often, enterprises are faced with the modernization or repair of current equipment. We will help you create domestic analogues, which are featured by wide functionality, high quality and performance. CROCUS company will manufacture any machines of varying degrees of complexity and different sizes for you.
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